Entrepreneurship Task Force

Entrepreneurship Task Force

The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development Entrepreneurship Task Force will serve as a working group to share ideas and solutions to propel California’s next generation of innovative entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses, and to ensure that all California startups and established firms have access to the resources to grow or scale.


The group will start a historic conversation about what California can do to maintain its entrepreneurial and innovation leadership globally.

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Entrepreneurship Task Force Members

  • Nely Galán, Founder, Galan Entertainment
  • Ryan Gales, CEO, Jenkins/Gales & Martinez, Inc.
  • Jay Goth, Managing Partner, Murrieta Genomics
  • Charles Hudson, Managing Partner and Founder, Precursors Ventures
  • Kusum Kavia, Co-Founder and President, Combustion Associates, Inc.
  • Bismarck Lepe, founder and CEO, Wizeline
  • Teddy Liaw, CEO, NexRep
  • Irma Olguin, Jr, CEO and co-founder, Bitwise Industries
  • Carmen Palafox, Partner, MiLA Capital (Make in LA)
  • Dilawar Syed, President and CEO, Lumiata and Chair of the Entrepreneurial Task Force

Isabel Guzman, Director, Office of the Small Business Advocate, State Government Lead