UC Innovation Series

The Innovation Series is designed to engage California's higher education system with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) iHub networks. The series began in the fall of 2013 the goal of the series is to foster broad discussions about innovation and business in California.

At each event, speakers from university campuses and the local community will present informative topics about innovation and business growth in their selected areas. Audience members include venture capitalists, students, faculty, and local businesses around the community.

The Innovation Series has been created in order to showcase the most innovative thinkers in their selected regions and to attract a community of open-minded individuals to engage with ideas as well as each other.

The Innovation Series seeks to increase the visibility of California's higher education system as a worldwide leader in education, research, and public service, and expand its potential to produce innovation that leads to new business growth. The Series aims to accomplish these goals through the following activities:

1. To provide UC and State University campuses with the opportunity to showcase their ideas and innovations with businesses and stakeholders in their respective communities.
2. To act as a valuable resource for the community to learn more about new ideas and innovative businesses in their selected regions.
3. To strengthen the relationship between UC and State University campuses to promote a greater sense of collaboration related to innovation and business growth in California.

The Innovation Series will create new pathways for communities to connect through ideas and innovation. This greater spirit of collaboration will help drive California’s innovation in new and dynamic ways.

The Event Details

Innovation SERIEs @ UC Los Angeles

  • May 4, 2015
  • More information to follow

INNOVATION SERIES @ San Francisco State

  • June 25, 2015
  • More information to follow

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