Penumbra Inc.

Penumbra, Inc. is an independent medical device company committed to delivering clinically beneficial products that help patients suffering from stroke and other vascular diseases.  Penumbra's products are designed to meet the extreme challenges of minimally invasive therapy in the brain. The diverse line of neurovascular catheters use proprietary manufacturing techniques and specialized materials to allow physicians to successfully navigate to and treat a number of neurological diseases. These innovations, perfected in the difficult environment of minimally invasive neurosurgery, are now finding use in vascular diseases throughout the body.

In January, 2013, in a gala event at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA, Penumbra Inc. was named the East Bay’s Most Innovative Life Sciences Company by the East Bay Economic Development Alliance in recognition of its contributions to the region. Independent industry professionals selected the winners after a public nomination process. “Over 85 nominations were received, and we were so impressed by the high quality of nominees across all the industry categories,” said Karen Engel, Executive Director of East Bay EDA.

California, and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular, are terrific hubs for the life sciences and medical device technology. The extensive investment community, highly educated work force, and strong culture of creativity and innovation underpin Penumbra's location in California.

 “Our biggest challenge is to always stay innovative in terms of our product design. The East Bay allows us the ability to attract top talent. We’re extremely proud to have been recognized in this way by the East Bay EDA,” said Adam Elsesser, CEO of Penumbra.

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