What is Sidecar?

Sidecar is a smartphone app that instantly matches people who need a ride with regular, everyday drivers who are willing to give them one. It’s a fast, affordable and safe way to get around the city, meet new people and help keep more cars off the road.

How Does It Work?

When you need a ride, simply download the Sidecar app and set your location and where you’d like to go. A request goes out to drivers in your area. Once they see where you are and where you’re going, they choose whether to accept the ride. Once a nearby driver accepts your request, you can watch your driver approach in real-time right in the app. Once you’re en route, you can track your progress toward your destination (and share it with friends if you’d like). At the end of the ride, you rate your driver and pay whatever you want for their time. Riders usually pay less than for a cab, and drivers find that Sidecar helps them cover their costs of owning a car in the city.

Why Sidecar?

People love Sidecar because it’s a smart, safe and social way to get around the city. With just a couple taps on your smartphone, you can get a green, affordable ride around town. It’s faster than the bus, and easier than trying to find a cab.

We run more checks on our drivers than taxi or limo services, and all rides are tracked via GPS and rated by previous riders. 71% of Sidecar riders polled recently said they felt safer in a Sidecar than in a taxi.  

Finally, Sidecar is FUN. You sit up front with your driver, have a great conversation and see the city in a whole new way!

Is This a Taxi Service?

Sidecar is not a taxi or limo service. Sidecar is match, not dispatch. Our app matches people who need a ride with regular, everyday drivers who are willing to give them one. And with Sidecar, you pay what you want. Most people pay less than they would for a taxi and far less than a limo.

Where Is Sidecar?

Sidecar launched in June 2012 in San Francisco. We are now up and running in San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Austin, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, NY, Boston, Chicago and Washington, DC.

Why Did Sidecar Choose California?

The Bay Area is at the forefront of the tech scene and recognized worldwide as a hub for disruptive ideas and innovation. Our product is a reflection of the people behind it and so it's important that we're based in California where we have access to a wealth of talent from marketing to design to engineering. 

In return, San Francisco was very quick to embrace Sidecar and the rideshare revolution.  Shared rides help reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion and stress on public infrastructure and Californians were quick to embrace it. We're looking forward to taking what we started here in California to the rest of the world. 

We may be expanding at lightning speed, but San Francisco will always be home!

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