SaferLock is an easy-to-use cap designed to prevent unauthorized access to prescription medication, particularly amongst children and teens.  SaferLock has a four-digit combination on top that can be set to the consumer’s preference. Without knowledge of the combination no unauthorized user can accidentally (children) or purposely (theft) abuse the secure prescriptions.

Co-founders Joseph and Nathan saw first hand just how destructive the prescription drug abuse epidemic can be when Joseph’s younger brother became addicted to pain killers. They also noticed many of their peers finding ways to obtain prescription drugs to get high; they began conducting research on prescription drug abuse and were astounded at how unaddressed the issue had been. Joseph and Nathan set out to find a solution to this growing problem, and after several years of engineering and prototypes, ultimately developed “SaferLock”— a combination-locking cap for prescription bottles.

According to the Center for Disease Control, “Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in the United States.” Everyday in the United States 2,500 children between the ages of 12 and 17 abuse prescription drugs for the very first time. While prescription drug abuse is an issue with many causes, addressing the ease of access is critical. SaferLock's mission is to increase the norm of locking prescription medications to reduce prescription drug abuse in the United States.               

No teen initially seeks out an illicit drug dealer to obtain and experiment with prescription drugs.  According to the National Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy of 2009 by CLAAD (Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence) “many teens who abuse prescription drugs, however, steal pills from the medicine cabinets of parents, other family members, or friends without their knowledge.”  These children and teens do not steal the pills because they’re already addicted, but out of curiosity.  This is how most of these youth begin their addiction; from the easy access of a medicine cabinet, then to someone who deals these drugs, and ultimately through research we have found that prescription drugs are so expensive that teens then resort to the cheaper street drugs such as heroin. SaferLock is designed to stop the prescription drug epidemic at the source, preventing children and teens before they ever have the chance to get started.

California is a known leader in innovation and SaferLock looks to expand the companies operations in the Sacramento area. The Locking Cap’s plastics are molded at Henry Plastic in Fremont California and assembled in Sacramento. SaferLock’s founders are also California natives and look forward to generating more California jobs upon the expansion.
SaferLock recently and successfully finished its West Coast test marketing in about 250 California locations; Ralphs, Savemart, and Luckys. The Locking Cap intends to be in 5,000+ retail locations across the nation by the beginning of 2014.

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