Select USA Investment Summit 2017

Washington D.C. 
June 18-20, 2017

GO-Biz is leading a state-wide delegation of ten local and regional economic development organizations from across California to the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington D.C.  The annual summit was originally established by President Obama in 2011 to connect state leaders with foreign investment opportunities. This year’s summit features more than 2,500 participants from over 70 international markets. GO-Biz is hosting a state pavilion to promote individual local assets and highlight the resources and reasons why California is the number one destination for foreign direct investment. 

Select USA comes on the heels of Select CA. See the below information abut the Select CA Investment Summit. 

Select CA Investment Summit 2017

Sacramento, CA
June 13, 2017

GO-Biz, in partnership with the Bay Area Council, the Cal Asian Chamber of Commerce, the city of Sacramento, the World Trade Center Los Angeles and Visit California, is hosting an investment program to promote various state regions, specific investment projects, and California’s unique value-proposition to Chinese businesses and investors.  The program will consist of a Northern and Southern California segment including pitchfests, site visits and speaker series. The SelectCA Investment Summit follows Governor Brown’s China trip where the Governor stressed the importance of expanding cooperation on green technology, innovation and trade.

 The summit kicks off and builds momentum for the California delegation ahead of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s 2017 SelectUSA Investment Summit taking place June 18 th through the 20th.

International Affairs and Business Development

With over 95 percent of the world’s population and 80 percent of the world’s purchasing power outside of the United States, international trade and investment have become a critical component for California’s economic growth and engine for creating jobs. In 2015, California goods exports accounted for $165.4 billion. Further, international trade supported more than 775,000 California jobs, and foreign-owned companies employed over 631,500 workers in California.

To capitalize on this immense global opportunity, the International Affairs and Business Unit is the state’s primary point of contact for expanding California’s international trade and investment relations. The unit works to drive business for California and to address barriers to the Golden State's continued global economic strength. The unit provides critical support on issues relating to international trade and investment opportunities, foreign relations, international agreements and partnerships with the countries that have a friendly relationship with California.

Visit the California Business Portal for more information.