California is an innovation leader. California supports creativity with a superior educational system and workforce training that produces an unrivaled, highly skilled labor force.  California has the largest population in the United States at over 36 million people.  California’s has a labor force of over 18 million people.  Currently, over 15 million Californians are employed, with over 11 million being employed by the private sector.

California has over 2 million students enrolled in nearly 300 colleges and universities, with over 270,000 college graduates every year. Over 36% of Californians possess an associate’s degree or higher. Furthermore, California has over 600 members in the National Academy of Sciences and over 100 Nobel Laureates.

California possesses the nation’s highest concentration of engineers, scientists, mathematicians and skilled technicians. Nearly 1 million high-tech workers (over one-sixth of all U.S. high-tech workers) work and reside in California, more than any other state. Seven of the top 20 engineering schools are in California. 57 California companies are ranked among Fortune Magazine’s prestigious FORTUNE 500 list of America’s largest corporations ranked within the states. California is a major center for design of automobiles, furniture, apparel, software, electronics, telecommunications services, computers and semiconductors.

California has the ability to connect employers to a full menu of workforce services provided by the state agencies under the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency, including labor market information, workforce recruitment, workforce training and education.