Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program

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In 2018/19, GO-Biz was allocated $23 million in General Fund funding to support three grant programs for small business technical assistance centers throughout California.  

The Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program (SB TAEP) was created to expand the capacity of federal small business technical assistance programs in the state. The program was enacted in  Government Code Section 12100-12100.69. SB TAEP provides $17 million each year through 2022-23 to expand existing small business services, such as free or low-cost one-on-one consulting and low-cost training. The program’s funding is focused on services to underserved business groups, including women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses and businesses in low-wealth, rural, and disaster-impacted communities. The program allocates funding through a competitive grant process.  

The 2018-19 Budget also includes the continuation of $3 million in annual funding through 2022-23 for the  Capital Infusion Program (CIP), which supports one-on-one business consulting provided by the Small Business Development Center Network to assist small businesses in accessing capital. The 2018-19 Budget also allocated $3 million in one-time local cash match grants to other federal small business technical assistance centers through the Small Business Technical Assistance Program (SB TAP). 

Grant Announcements


View the list of SB TAEP Awardees for 2019/20. 

The 2019-20 Technical Assistance Expansion Program Announcement was publicly released July 12, 2019 online at ( and emailed to a distribution list of federally designated technical assistance centers in California. On July 22, 2019 OSBA held a pre-bid webinar to go over the program announcement, discuss priorities, and answer questions that prospective applicants had regarding the application. As a follow up, a FAQ was created and also posted publicly online at ( . The application period closed August 16, 2019 at Noon PST.

OSBA received applications sent to and did an initial intake of 24 proposals, which included 77 separate applications.

OSBA formed a review committee of 12 GO-Biz staff from various GO-Biz units. The review committee was then split up into teams to review a subset of eligible proposals received (3 or 4 proposal packages including ones with multiple applications). Each team performed a first round review and scored each application utilizing the following rubric [insert link to PDF]. OSBA then conducted a second round review with each team to discuss the proposals reviewed and the scores provided. Upon discussion and review across teams, original teams scores maintained and used a basis to allot funding. A percentage rubric was in place, and based on an application’s score the applicant received either 100% of their funding request, a percentage thereof, or no funding. 69 applications were either fully funded or partially funded, 2 applications received no funding based on score, 5 applications were denied based on eligibility, and 1 application was denied due to late submission.

The 2019-20 Capital Infusion Program, which provides $3 million each year to support capital readiness consulting through the California network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), successfully awarded 46 SBDCs which will continue to help small businesses access capital by providing one-on-one advisory services to get them “lender ready” or “investment ready,” and by connecting them to banks, mission-based lenders, and/or investors.

View the list of SB TAEP Awardees for 2018/19.

SBTAEP Pre-Bid Webinar

GO-Biz hosted a pre-bid webinar on July 22, 2019 to provide an overview about the program and answer questions from federal small business technical assistance centers about the information contained in the SB TAEP program announcement.

SB TAEP Pre-Bid Webinar PowerPoint

SB TAEP Pre-Bid Webinar Questions and Answers