Adams Enterprises

Abdu Adam has owned a small independently-branded gas station in San Juan Capistrano since the 1970’s.  Adam Enterprises is truly a family operation, managed currently by Abdu and his sons John and Jimmy.  It is located in an ideal location, directly off Interstate 5 and across the street from a local high school. 

The owners also noticed that because they were so close to a high school, they were selling a large amount of concession-type items from the small convenience store that is attached to their service garage.  This became the impetus for them to explore opening a 7-11/Unocal 76 franchise in place of their independent station.  They sought the assistance of a local bank to evaluate their options.  Because of the business type and other considerations, it was determined that they would need a loan guarantee.  The bank worked with a local Financial Development Corporation (FDC) to obtain a guarantee from the California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program.  The loan was completed and the remodel of the current station is underway, with an expected grand opening of winter 2013.  The Adams are pleased to see their expansion come to fruition after so many years of preparation.  They expect to continue their long history of operating in San Juan Capistrano.

Featured Partners:

Capital Bank
Small Business Financial Development Corporation of Orange County
California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program