FWT Industries dba License2bling

Mr. Beny Benjamini is a dreamer and entrepreneur.  He always wanted to have a business involving cars.  His first thought was to look at customizing cars.  After years of research and analysis of the auto accessory market, his dream came to fruition.  Beny strategically synthesized design elements, the jewelry industry and product manufacturing to develop a high-end crystal and chromed license plate product line – “License2bling”.  Since 2006, License2bling has become the auto accessory of celebrities, professional athletes and musicians and other individuals that want to make their cars express their personal identity.

License2bling worked with a Financial Development Center (FDC) to obtain assistance in financing the restructure and expansion of the business.  Mr. Benjamini had just negotiated a licensing contract with a major professional sports league to apply their registered logo on License2bling products.  Under the California Small Business Loan Guaranty Program, the FDC was able to structure and secure both a short-term line of credit and long-term working capital loan to meet the needs of License2bling.  The funds enabled the client to increase revenue, hire over seven new employees, lease a larger facility, and diversify their product lines and distribution network into larger retail automotive accessory chains.  Within months of closing the loan, Licence2bling was able to secure additional major sport merchandising contracts. 

Featured Partners:

Pacific Coast Regional Small Business Development Corporation
California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program