Taber Co.

The Taber Company Inc. is a high-end commercial millwork design and manufacturing concern providing millwork and cabinetry to general contractors.  It was established by its principal, Brian Taber, in 2002.

The business operates from leased facilities located within the City of Santa Ana Enterprise Zone and has a workforce of 67 employees.  The company has enjoyed prosperous growth during this time.  More recently, the company implemented a second work shift and expects to create 15 new positions.  

Brian Taber worked with his local bank over several months to thoroughly analyze the business and its operations.  They also involved their local Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) to develop both a short and long-term credit structure for Taber Company..  As a result, Brian was able to support current operating needs and retire a large commercial note from another bank lender to reduce debt service and increase overall company cash flow.      


Featured Partners:

Independence Bank (Newport Beach)
Small Business Financial Development Corporation of Orange County