Choosing a Location

It’s important to consider several factors when deciding on the location of your business. For the most part, the ideal location for your business will be dependent on what kind of business you run. Ease of access, proximity to competitors, zoning and signage regulations are all things to keep in mind. Get advice about choosing your best location and complying with zoning laws.


Site Selection and Location

Property leasing agreements can be as variable as the property locations. Sites can be found for short periods to very long periods of time, with anywhere from ready-to-occupy facilities to build-to-suit arrangements.

In the United States, there is generally no limitation on foreign companies purchasing and owning real estate.

Locating site options for an office, manufacturing, research and development, or distribution facility is one of the key services provided by the Governor's Office of Economic Development's CalBIS unit. CalBIS stands ready to work with local economic development corporations and real estate professionals to assist a foreign business in finding the appropriate location for a California expansion.

For more information visit Site Selection and Site RegionsContact us for site location assistance.

Business Incubators

Small, start-up companies that need limited office space for only a few months to initiate their businesses may do well to participate in one of the business incubator programs. There are a growing number of business incubators throughout California sponsored by various entities, such as universities, cities or counties, ethnic or industry associations, or private companies.

The business incubator is a cost-effective way for companies to find space to start their businesses. A few incubators are solely international in focus, while most of the others welcome domestic and international businesses. Incubator facilities can vary, but generally they offer an individual office, cubical or at least a desk for the businessperson, plus communal communication and business services. The incubator offers other benefits to a newly formed business. Within the organization are advisors and/or mentors who can guide a business person on legal, financing, banking, and personnel matters. 

For information on business incubators around California, contact a local Small Business Development Center.  Find local centers using our interactive map.


Acquiring Office Manufacturing Equipment

Office furnishings can be rented or bought through businesses that deal primarily with office occupants. These companies are easy to locate through local telephone Yellow Pages under “office furniture and equipment, dealers or rental.” Companies that sell telephone and computer systems, copy, fax and mail machines and other technical equipment can also be located through the Yellow Pages. Companies selling other office supplies such as pens, paper, tape and staples can be found through the Yellow Pages listed under “office supplies” or “stationers,” or through catalog sales.


Obtaining Office/Facility Insurance

It is prudent for a business, whether service- or manufacturing-oriented, to obtain property and liability insurance coverage for the physical office or facility.

In general, a business owner policy (BOP) covers:

  • Property: Building (if owned);
  • Business personal property (building contents);
  • Time element (business income and extra expense);
  • Liability: Premises/building; and,
  • Business operations (Includes bodily injury or property damage).

Specific coverage can be added to a BOP for things such as flood, fine arts and equipment and employee dishonesty (forgery, embezzlement, burglary). The best source to find a business or commercial insurance broker is through the telephone Yellow Pages, listed under “insurance.”