Getting Loans and Financial Assistance

Commercial Financial Institutions

The best chances for obtaining commercial loans are through in-country financial institutions or their overseas branch offices or affiliates with which a business already has an account and/or relationship. CalBIS does not provide guidance on obtaining commercial loans; however, CalBIS can assist companies in identifying California offices of foreign financial institutions.

Venture Capital

The benefits, risks, sources and guides to obtaining venture capital are widely documented. For starters, a great amount of information can be found at a local bookstore about the possibilities, application processes, and publications that list sources of venture capital. CalBIS does not provide guidance on obtaining venture capital.

Government Sources

Several state-sponsored financial assistance programs are available to firms locating, expanding or modernizing facilities in California. The types of assistance available can be grouped into three broad categories:

Business financing

Business financing is provided directly to companies in order to undertake various projects. Each program has its own specific requirements for qualification and terms for approval. Financing is available in the form of industrial development bonds, small business loan guarantees and export finance loan guarantees, among others.

Environmental loans

Environmental loans reflect California’s commitment to the preservation of the environment. The state has implemented various loan programs to help companies clean up the environment and implement environmentally friendly programs. The loan proceeds are used for such things as replacing or upgrading underground petroleum tanks, reducing hazardous waste and recycling.

Public infrastructure financing

Public infrastructure financing provides financial assistance to cities and counties for public infrastructure projects. Although not directly available to individual businesses, cities and counties can obtain public infrastructure financing that benefits qualified businesses locating in their areas.

California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

The Small Business Loan Guarantee Program allows a business to not only acquire a loan it could not otherwise obtain, but to establish a favorable credit history with a lender so that the business may obtain future financing on its own. 

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