Business Incubators

Small, start-up companies that need limited office space for only a few months to initiate their businesses may do well to participate in one of the business incubator programs. There are a growing number of business incubators throughout California sponsored by various entities, such as universities, cities or counties, ethnic or industry associations, or private companies.

The business incubator is a cost-effective way for companies to find space to start their businesses. A few incubators are solely international in focus, while most of the others welcome domestic and international businesses. Incubator facilities can vary, but generally they offer an individual office, cubical or at least a desk for the businessperson, plus communal communication and business services. The incubator offers other benefits to a newly formed business. Within the organization are advisors and/or mentors who can guide a business person on legal, financing, banking, and personnel matters. 

For information on business incubators around California, contact a local Small Business Development Center.  Find local centers using our interactive map.