Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit Streamlining Map

The “EV Charging Station Permitting Streamlining Map” (EVCS Streamlining Map) is a living companion to the July 2019 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permitting Guidebook. Its initial purpose is to create a shared, visual understanding of EV charging station permit streamlining across the state, starting with tracking compliance with California’s AB 1236 (2015) law. The ultimate goal is for communities to be able to use this tool to easily replicate success, leverage lessons learned, and save time as we all work to aggressively build out our zero emission vehicle infrastructure network. 

For more information, refer to Permitting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Scorecard.

To view the map in full screen, click here.

Note: Our team is currently in the beginning stages of evaluating the streamlining status of jurisdictions throughout California. This map will be populated with additional information over the coming weeks and months.